Sunday, August 30, 2020

Using Tesla Screen to Display FlexRadio SmartSDR



We posted the video above of the FlexRadio 6400 streaming it's SmartSDR output to a Tesla on our Twitter feed and had several ham radio operators ask; "How did you do that"?  Well, it's a lot easier than you may think.


Most hams never throw anything away and will find the materials needed to pull this off laying around their ham shack:

    - Tesla Model X

    - FlexRadio 6400

    - PC running FlexRadio's SmartSDR software

    - an internet connection


After you have gathered the materials, it's easy.  Just go to the Dead Simple Screen Sharing site on the PC, click the button for the share link, then type that link into the browser on the Tesla.   The Dead Simple Screen Sharing site really is 'dead simple'.  I wouldn't suggest it for on-line banking, but for less critical applications it fits the bill.

Here is a slightly longer version of the demo:


Thanks for watching and 73!