Saturday, December 23, 2023

Make Your Own Tombstone and SAVE!



We saw this Hackaday article where [Proper DIY] used his woodworking skills to produce some excellent quality concrete signs and decorations.   We liked the idea but the effort required fashioning the wood for the letters seemed like a lot of work to us.


So.... we have a 3D printer and set out to find an easier way.   The 'recipe' is pretty easy:

    1)Print your design on a 3D printer.     2)Glue the design to the bottom of a concrete mold.     3)Pour concrete, shake out the bubbles, and wait for curing.     4)Unscrew the mold and release the final product.

The results are good enough with only a fraction of the time (and skill).  


Maybe not needed, but here is a little more detail:

- Build mold (use long wood screws to allow reuse):

- Print your 3D design and glue it the the bottom of the mold:

- Fill the mold, vibrate out the voids, then wait.  We used this material mainly because we had some on hand:

- Results:


We are happy with outcome.  [Proper DIY] did have better results, but with a whole, whole, whole lot more effort.