Monday, June 20, 2022

Harbor Freight vs. 3M Infrared Thermometer

Way back in 2013 we purchased an infrared thermometer from Harbor Freight for less than ten bucks.

All in all the unit performed fine other than the plastic case getting that sticky melting feel that many low cost plastic products can develop over time.


Recently we got our hands on a 3M Model IR-750B "Scotchtrak Heat Tracer" infrared thermometer and decided to compare the two units.   Right away it's obvious that the 3M Model IR-750B has a superior feel.  

Plus. the 3M Model IR-750B comes in a nice carrying case.   We were not able to find pricing on the 3M Model IR-750B, but something tells us the price was more the generic Harbor Freight model.   Both units run on a single 9VDC battery.


So.....   How do their measurements compare?


Pretty close!  Which unit is correct?  We don't have a calibrated source so we have no way of knowing.   What we do know is they produce temperature readings that are closely collaborated.